Upper East Side

  • The Upper East Side is characterized as refined, elegant and up scaled world-class culture. The Upper East Side is highly regarded as Manhattan’s premier neighborhood. It is home to New York’s wealthiest and most famous. The neighborhood stretches from East 59th street to East 96th with streets that have luxurious Coops and Condominiums that the rich and famous of New York; Luxurious in the sense that the architecture is mansion type and most buildings are Pre-War. The 60s and 70s streets are the most luxurious but traveling uptown will score you more affordable apartments that still offer the bang for the buck.
  • Recreational activities along the Upper East Side include the Museum Mile, which offers New York’s greatest and most diverse museum experience. The famous Madison Avenue offers a great place to shop for designer clothing without having to go too far. Park Avenue is great for a simple stroll and admiring the beautiful architecture buildings.