Upper West Side

  • The Upper West Side is a wonderful mix of residential, commercial and, recreational life. Often referred to as Manhattan’s Ultimate neighborhood, it is a great combination of peaceful residential streets, gorgeous parks and, amazing architecture. The Upper West Side stretches from West 59th Street, to West 125th Street. Traveling through the Upper West Side you are surrounded by houses and apartments on streets with bright green trees, avenues full of retail stores and many places to eat.
  • Parks are a dime-a-dozen with two main parks and dozens of small playgrounds throughout. Riverside Park stretches from 59th street and West End Avenue. It travels along the Hudson River and offers breath-taking views of New Jersey’s coastline. Central Park is in the heart of upper Manhattan and is world famous. It offers a getaway from the hustle and bustle of Manhattan. The Upper West Side is home to the American Museum of National History which offers a look at the Earth’s evolvement from the beginning to present day. Lincoln Center is the world largest cultural complex and offers a vast variety of culturally diverse shows all year long.